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OpenConcept Consulting (Europe) OÜ

OpenConcept Consulting Inc.’s European Office. We are an internet strategy company that provides critical insights into how to leverage open source communities. By having a base in Europe we are hoping to provide guidance to institutions struggling to meet security, accessibility & privacy requirements. We are based in Estonia because their e-Residecy program provides an effective platform to explore working with a digital first, open government.


Unlike our Canadian sister company, is not a development shop. OpenConcept Consulting (Europe) OÜ focuses on how to engage the community behind the open source technology stack you use to see that your meet your legal and moral institutional goals. The modern world depends on open frameworks, but our institutions haven’t kept up.

Open Government

Citizens don’t really care about open government, but they do to have the services that they need delivered to them in a timely & effective manner. Open government is a means to address this that is built on sharing, transparency, and evidence based decision making.

Open Source

OpenConcept has been working in Canada with open source and open standards for nearly 20 years. These two elements provide the foundation for open government. Without building a culture of openness & sharing, open government will just be a buzzword.


The bulk of OpenConcept’s experience with openness comes from our leadership in the Drupal community. Mike Gifford in particular has provided leadership by spearheading various initiatives, such as the one to improve Drupal’s accessibility.

Our sister company, can take care of your Drupal hosting, development and support work.

Payment Types Accepted - Cryptocurrency

At this point we are only accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum payments. We are looking into other options, but feel that this is the most appropriate form of payments for a digital first company. Other options may be considered if there is sufficient demand.

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It is a best practices generate a new address for every unique transaction (or at least one-per-client) to avoid issues of tracing exactly who paid us how much and when. Privacy is important to us, so contact us if these public addresses are insufficient for your needs.

Also, we can take most other currencies too, just let us know how you would like to pay for our time & experience.

Taxes are Sexy!

Ok, not many people actually believe this, but we needed to make it clear that this isn’t a tax dodge. Taxes are critical for infrastructure like the X-Road that makes this company possible. If we are considering a Guaranteed Annual Income for the citizens of the world, we really need to be finding ways for corporations to pay more taxes.

Contact Us

To reach out to our team, via or @openconcept_ee

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